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WillowAriA is not just a radio DJ, she is an adventure. She is a state of mind, body & soul.

She is a carrier of minds, bodies and souls to a wonderful mind-blowing euphoria that, while leaving you exhausted, surprisingly also leaves you feeling restored.

DJ Willow is currently playing shows on the IMVU circuit where her love of music is displayed in the tracks she shares. She is passionate about all kinds of music, emphasizing digital dance music and the hardstyle of industrial and progressive metal.

Her love of music began before she was born, as she was surrounded by a family of musicians, singers and dancers. She is elated that love has passed on to her four children and now also her granddaughter.

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"I see music and dance as a universal language. I believe music and dance brings out feelings that are universal in all of us. They show us our emotions are more similar than different across the great earth of ours. Let's party!"

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"I'm feelin' electric tonight Cruisin' down the coast, goin' about 99 Got my bad baby by my heavenly side I know if I go, I'll die happy tonight" Lana Del Rey